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The Best Investment Books

Every Value Investor Must Read

Under the radar and under appreciated investment books that should be in your library

These are the best investment books that you will continually reference throughout your investing journey.

To accelerate your learning, don't be afraid to highlight and write in your books. Take plenty of notes.

A very good book investment book introducing value investing, basic accounting and financial analysis.

The section on valuation and DCF is easy to understand and the detail and clarity of explanations will benefit the first time investor and reader.

Great investing book to follow Why are we so clueless about the stock market?. It dives into slightly more detailed and complex investing acronyms, concepts and investing ideas. 

The author does a fantastic job of making it easy to read and understand.

This is a quick and easy investment book to help you understand durable competitive advantages - also known as moats.

Read this book to get a good idea of how a business can create, sustain or lose its moat.

Welcome to the world of "low risk, high return".

This book goes through the "Dhandho" framework which Mohnish Pabrai uses to invest as it helped propel himself to guru status.

Highly enjoyable and intriguing read.

This book has a little of all the books in the easy category. Understanding and applying what you learn in this book will be the equivalent of building a home on a solid foundation.

The basics are solid and even seasoned investors should read this book to maintain their knowledge.

EASY Investment Books

for Beginners or Brushing Up

Easy to read and understand books. Helpful to build knowledge for beginners and useful for experienced investors to brush up on the basics.

Buffett said that he is 85% Phil Fisher and 15% Ben Graham, yet most people have never heard of Phil Fisher.

Phil looked for growth stocks to hold forever. Read this book to discover his methods and thinking behind the influence he had on Warren Buffett.]

Categorized as difficult because getting a hold of your emotions, investing tendencies and psychology is one of the most difficult battles you will face.

Howard Marks is the authority on behavioral finance. Be honest with yourself as you read and reflect on these words.

Requires a solid understanding of accounting and financial analysis to fully appreciate this book.

The book from front to end is about valuing companies using the Earnings Power Value method.

One of the best investing books on valuation.

Learn how to interpret the financial statements from an investors point of view and learn ways to determine the true quality of earnings instead of relying on the numbers provided by management and Wall Street.

One of the biggest hidden gems that you can read.

This book is so good that it is used as a text in business school.

Uncover every trick in the book that companies will perform to manipulate and enhance numbers. Now you can catch it before it's too late.

Detailed, thorough and practical. What more could you ask for?

ADVANCED Investment Books

for Experienced Investors

Heavy in theory, practical application and deep thinking. Many of these books are dry because of academics involved. Take plenty of notes and go through it slowly.

A modern version to Quality of Earnings.

What's Behind the Numbers is another book based on forensic accounting to detect financial manipulation and to prevent yourself getting caught with your pants down. Recent case studies and examples makes this book very practical and beneficial.

This book introduces the Earnings Power Box which is a technique to identify companies and test the quality of a company with a wide gap between their accrual performance and earnings.

An easy to follow tutorial along with details on specific ratios you should use to improve your returns.

Big thick text book focused on tearing apart creative cash flow reporting that companies use to mislead investors.

If you want to know how to adjust cash flow statements for effective analysis and use adjusted operating cash flows to uncover earnings manipulation, this is it.

Combines accounting principles to value investing principles. 

Unlike many books, Accounting for value is able to go through the accounting and link back to how it is used with investing.

Learn about accounting quality and what is behind the numbers.

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