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The internet is full of crap value investing blogs.When it comes to investing, you should not waste your time or money on untrustworthy and low quality value investing sites. Get the best list of sites from here.

The criteria for a website to get added to this top 10 list is easy, yet so hard:

1. Offer loads of value to the reader
2. Have original opinions and ideas
3. Be updated regularly


Slam Dunk ValuE

to make You an

Add these 10 slam dunking

base hit value investing blog

Base Hit Investing

Investor Education and Stock Analysis

Why it's Good:
Great emphasis placed on helping and educating value investors. Provides clear and easy to follow stock analysis.

beyond proxy value investing blog

Beyond Proxy

Investor Interviews

Why it's Good:
Quality interviews, videos and articles of fund managers all over the world. Piggy back off their experience to further your own knowledge.

case study value investing blog

CS Investing

Investor Education

Why it's Good:
Treasure chest of information. Ask or look around the website to find case studies, pdf's, reports, books, videos and more.

gannon value investing blog

Gannon and Hoang on Investing

Buffett & Munger Style Analysis

Why it's Good:
A lot of thought and research is placed on the stocks that are analyzed. Quality of the discussion is at a high standard.

magic diligence value investing blog

Magic Diligence

Magic Formula Stock Analysis

Why it's Good:
The only fee based stock newsletter in this list. There is a free value investing blog which provides good stock analyses of Magic Formula stocks.

Musings on Markets

Investor Education

Why it's Good:
Written by NYU Professor and valuation master Professor Damodaran. Wealth of insight and information on every article published.

odd ball stocks value investing blog

Oddball Stocks

OTC, Small Cap and International Stock Analysis

Why it's Good:
If you like to venture into unheard of stocks, this is for you. Truly unknown and illiquid stocks are analyzed.

otc adventures value investing blog

OTC Adventures

OTC Stock Analysis

Why it's Good:
Solid analysis and valuation for illiquid and hidden stocks. Learn about the many wonderful
businesses listed on the OTC exchange.

Safal Niveshek

Investor Education

Why it's Good:
Easy and enjoyable to read. Lots of resources with an emphasis on learning. A great blog to deepen and widen your value investing thoughts.

whopper investments value blog

Whopper Investments

Small Cap and Special Situation Stock Analysis

Why it's Good:
Great analyses of under-followed and special situation stocks. The author comes up with great investments and follows up on
his ideas too.

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