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for Value Investors to

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The Stock Analysis and Valuation Tool that Works for You

Are you spending a lot of time manually gathering and inputting data into spreadsheets?

Are you finding it difficult to keep up to date with fundamental company valuations?

Do you need a way to quickly check whether a company is worth investigating?

efficiently gather data
save time with stock analysis
quickly investigate a stock





step1: download the analyzer
step 2: enter a ticker
step 3: make better stock decisions

Enter a ticker. Hundreds of data points are automatically gathered and calculated

Download and run the Stock
Analyzer Excel Spreadsheet

Quickly make better stock
investment decisions


You are an


Not a


Most investors waste time chasing websites for data.
Manually gathering and entering data into a spreadsheet is tedious, time consuming and error prone.

If you enjoy mundane data entry and calculating everything by hand, this is not for you because Old School Value aims to help you analyze stocks quickly and accurately.

You should focus your time on important qualitative research that helps you make money.

Start saving time and focus on analysis. NOT data entry.

Avoid investing in overpriced stocks by making disciplined and objective decisions on when to buy and sell.

The Stock Analyzer helps by focusing on value metrics to determine the quality and value of the business.

Instead of relying on others to help you decide what to buy, take confidence in your improved discipline and data to make objective decisions.





Investment Decisions

Cost Effective Access to Financial Data and Rich Valuation Tools

For as little as $20 a month, access financial data and analysis tools that normally cost $100/month elsewhere.

If you are an investment professional, a Bloomberg terminal can cost over $10k a month.

At a fraction of the cost, you have the ability to see every formula as well as add your own custom models.

Where does the financial data come from ?

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste weeks or months building your own models that will require more time to update and maintain.

Let the Stock Analyzer do all the hard work for you

download the sample to see what it looks like

Learn What's Inside the Stock Analyzer



Easy to Read Dashboards

One page summary with all the important numbers highlighted
Fundamental data, ratios and intrinsic value at a single glance
Save it as a PDF to review later on or send to clients or friends

Comprehensive Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements

Automatically download full financial statements - annual and quarterly included
Numbers are also representated in percentages to easily view and understand
Clean and organized so that you don't get overwhelmed with the data
















Buffett Style Investing Ratios

Focused on fundamental value investing ratios and metrics
Analyze historical performance with 10 years of data
Introduce a new arsenal of analysis such as the Cash Conversion Cycle into your investing

5 Valuation Models to Provide an All-round View

Instead of anchoring a fair value with just one valuation model, use 5 for an all-round view
Each valuation model is tested and proven to work
Easy to read and quickly make adjustments on the fly

5 More Models to Drill Deep into the Business Quality

You also get 5 financial models that analyzes the business quality of the stock
Go behind the numbers to really see how the business is run
Look at things like clean the earnings are, the chance of bankruptcy and what the ROE tells you

Compare Up to Nine Competitors Side by Side

Quickly compare competitors side by side to see which one is the best
Key statistics for each company is listed to help your analysis easier
No other tool lets you compare up to nine competitors side by side

Clear and Easy to Understand Charts

Clear and concise page of charts dedicated to the most common ratios and metrics
Customize and switch charts easily
Choose from FCF or the Magic Formula Yield to Earnings or Gross margins

Keeps a Log of the Stocks You Value

You can save every stock along with its fair value and ratios for tracking purpose
See how your valuation plays out over time when you look back at your log

You can save up to 2,000 stocks in the log to keep a history of how your valuation is doing

Download the Sample and See For Yourself


Click the screen below to download the sample excel file. See what it looks like and what you get.

download the sample to see what it looks like

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Here is our full list of FAQ's

download the sample to see what it looks like

The spreadsheet connects via a third party to Morningstar's dedicated professional data feed.

The data is dynamic which means that the financial statements are updated every quarter whenever the financial results are released.

the data source
your money's worth

Will I get my money's worth ?

Other places charge at a minimum $50/mo for just this type of data alone. Old School Value is dedicated to the smaller investor and to make it affordable. The time you save with old school value will exceed the cost you pay.

Also, just one stock you find with this tool easily offsets the price of your membership for the whole year.

Will this work for non-USA stocks ?

Unfortunately, no.

The spreadsheets will only work for US listed stocks. It will not work for international markets such as Europe, Australia and India.

international markets

How accurate is the data ?

Morningstar is a very reputable company and the data that you will be using is what you see at Morningstar.com

View this excel file of the raw data items to check out what Morningstar provides.

data accuracy

What is your refund policy ?

First time members receive a full refund as long as you cancel within thirty (30) days of first signing up with a paid membership.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That means, pro-rated refunds are always available.

refund policy

Will this work on Mac or Office for Mac ?

This spreadsheet only runs on Windows and Office for Windows.

To run it on a Mac, you must use Parallels to install Windows and Office.

not mac compatible

Unlike other services which hide behind their “winning proprietary algorithm” all valuations, formulas and calculations are unlocked and transparent.

What Our Investors Have To Say...


Hewitt Heiserman, Author, It's Earnings That Count - EarningsPower.com

Review by Hewitt Heiserman

” I have taken the stock analyzer and added a bunch of my favorite formulas. For once, I feel like I can stay up-to-date with the companies I own, as well as also study the myriad of interesting opportunities ”

Joe Ponzio, Author, F Wall Street - FWallStreet.com

Review by F Wall Street

” OSV has built some amazing value investing spreadsheets for you. They come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. When you’re ready, get the stock analyzer ”

Review by Emanuel Robinson

Value Uncovered, Value Investing Blog - www.valueuncovered.com

Review by Value Uncovered blog

” Wonderfully designed and packed with helpful information. They have helped me understand different ways of valuing companies and streamlined my review process.”

” In 30 seconds, it provides a quick glance into a stock's financials to see if it's worth a closer look, automating much of the tedious work of manually entering numbers for various calculations”

Emanuel Robinson, Individual Value Investor

30 day money back guarantee

30 Day No Questions Asked

 Money Back




Pro-rated refunds also given.
Your satisfaction or your money back.


5 Facts

Once More

You don’t have to be an investment guru to use this tool

You can contact us any time via email or phone and have your questions answered quickly

You can improve your investment process and decision making skills right away

You can start seeing results with better stock picks without relying on others. Take control of your own investments.

You are being offered a shortcut to save a ton of time so that you can focus on analysis and other important tasks






Stop wasting your time


You can always make money, but you can’t make time.
Easily get your investment back by simply purchasing one good stock idea identified with the Stock Analyzer.

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You also get these free bonuses

The Ultimate Guide to Stock Valuation ebook

An excel sheet which requires zero installation to make it work. Just enter a list of up to 200 stocks and the list will update immediately with key statistics.

A 57 page ebook guiding you through each of the valuation methods used in the stock analyzer. Clear and concise information to make it easy to follow.

30 page ebook packed with the best investment sites. Organized into categories such as educational resources, podcasts, best blogs, valuation sites and more.

We measure our product based on customer happiness and service. You will talk with a real person and not auto responders. We hate that too.

Fast Stock Watchlist

The Best Investing Sites ebook

Fast, Friendly and Direct Customer Support

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7 Analysis Worksheets

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Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed or Your Money Back
The Stock Analyzer is a digital download. After you complete your payment, you will get access to the members-only area to download your files.

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Quickly Identify Value Stocks

Easily Perform Complex Valuations

No Need to Waste Time Building Analysis Models from Scratch

All the Fundamental Data You Need at Your Fingertips

Profit with Better Buying Decisions

"Your time is worth $1,000/hour, act accordingly."
- Jason Cohen

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Founded in 2008 to empower smaller investors to have access to powerful stock analysis and valuation tools to quickly and accurately value stocks in their limited time. Start valuing stocks in 30 seconds today.

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Save hours each day by automatically retrieving and crunching the financials for thousands of companies

Keep up to date easily and find more opportunities by analyzing companies faster

Make quicker and better buying and selling decisions

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