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Stock valuation is the difference between a profitable and money losing investment. Learn how to value stocks so that you no longer have to rely on others and then make more money in the stock market.

Feel overwhelmed trying to figure out stock valuation? This book is a step by step approach to help you understand and apply.



8 Valuation Methods + Examples

Equip yourself with 8 valuation methods to apply in any situation. Each valuation method contains examples and pointers to help you follow along.


Gain Confidence

Gain confidence to perform your own number crunching. This book teaches you to value stocks like a business and ties it in with real world methods instead of shoving Greek symbols in your face.

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Jae Jun

Authors Bio. Most investors do not like, or have the time to analyze and calculate their stock ideas. Most stocks are purchased blindly. My focus is to make fundamental analysis and stock valuation easier to understand and apply. Ultimately, I hope you gain confidence to value stocks yourself and make more money in the stock market.

- Jae Jun
Value Investor, Writer & Founder, Old School Value

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Easy to Understand Valuation

Learn and Profit using 8 Valuation Techniques to Value any Stock

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