15 Best Websites to Collect
Money Making Stock Ideas

Use this Practical Guide to Never Run Out of Stock Ideas

The easiest way to find stock ideas that you understand is to simply look around you.

The Secret to Finding Profitable Stock Ideas...

is simple.

Here's a quick tip to get you started. Keep a pen and piece of paper handy throughout the day and write the names of companies or industries that you come across.

If you go to the bank, write down Bank of America. As you get in your car, look at who makes the floormats. What brand coffee are you drinking?

look around you for ideas

For ideas that go beyond your daily life, read on.

Follow this guide and discover the sources that will provide you with constant flow of stock ideas.

Are you ready for The Practical Guide to Finding Stock Ideas?

Want Better Sources of Stock Ideas?

money making stock ideas

You pour in stock ideas and narrow it down to a few select ideas to invest in.

Positive Cash Flow
Margin of Safety
Easy to Understand 
Shareholder Friendly 
stock investing funnel concept
toss the losers

You want to be able to   TOSS the LOSERS    and keep the potential winners. If you have a set investing method that you stick to, even better. This is where an investing checklist will come in handy. You can quickly eliminate stocks that fail to meet your criteria.

Say you like to investing in Buffett type stocks, make a list of the main criteria that a company must pass and use it to filter down the list of ideas.

processing stock ideas to a few

In the good ol' days of stock picking, Benjamin Graham and Walter Schloss used a checklist template. Graham and Walter Schloss spent all day filling in the financials of companies into their checklist to filter ideas.

"He [Graham] and Walter collected numbers from Moody's Manuals and filled out hundreds of  simple forms that Graham - Newman used to make decision" - pg 185 Snowball



Easy to Understand Businesses

Shareholder Friendly Management

Positive Cash Flow

Margin of Safety

The Practical Guide to Finding Stock Ideas

      But you still want to know where to find the initial 30 stocks? Do this first if you haven’t.

use diigo and evernote to save and take notes

Create a bookmarks folder in your browser or use something like Diigo or Evernote to save the sites listed below. Do not over bookmark or over-save stock ideas online.

PREVENT information overload.

TOP 15 Stock Lists

Now visit the following sites to get your LIST of stock IDEAS. Each site has its own investing style. Look through it and select the sites that best suits you.

AAII Shadow Stock Portfolio

AAII’s flagship portfolio. You can access the list for just $29 a year. They have a very good list of value orientated stocks. The stock selection criteria can be found from this link. Don't be cheap. With one stock purchase, you will easily make up the $29 fee. The ideas you can get will save you hours from searching for ideas.

AAII also has 78 pre-defined screens, but I do not recommend their stock screens.

Bespoke investment group

A garden of stock lists based on a certain themes and topics. Find stocks to short from their Best Performing Internet Stocks YTD or find rough diamonds from the S&P 1500 Most Heavily Shorted Stocks.

Cheap stock investor

Focused on cheap stocks. Mostly small and obscure stocks. There is some serious alpha here.

Dogs of the Dow

See which stocks from the Dow are currently doggish (out of favor).
Profit by being contrarian.

earnings torpedo stocks

Created by the Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan.
A list of long and short ideas. The stock selection criteria is unknown.

fortune 100 best companies to work for

Created by the Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan. A list long and short ideas. The stock selection criteria is unknown.

Forbes 100 Best Small Companies

This group of stocks has consistently beaten the market. A annual list of high flying small growth stocks.

forbes most innovative companies

Great list of global companies growing quickly through innovation. Many of them are Wall Street darlings because of the growth potential.

forbes worlds biggest public companies

Large caps from around the world that have grown to become the best and biggest.


Find your favorite investing guru and see what he holds. Get ideas from the pros. Requires an annual membership.

value stock screens

15 pre-defined stock lists focusing on tested and proven value strategies ranging from small to large caps.

thelion.com gainers and losers

A daily list of the stocks that move the most. Watch which stocks jump or fall the hardest as a source of ideas.

seekingalpha ideas

Hundreds of stock ideas are submitted daily. Requires additional manual work to filter out the bad ideas from the good.

super stock screener

Get ideas by looking through the 4 mechanical portfolios on display as well as using their screener.

value investors club

Free sign up to a database of ideas with a 45 day delay. Ideas are submitted by the best independent and professional value investors.

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