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Creating spreadsheets to analyze stocks is a time intensive process

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Free Stock Spreadsheets for Valuation and Analysis

Learn More About Each Stock Investing Spreadsheet and How it Works

This stock spreadsheet is based on the formula Ben Graham published in The Intelligent Investor. The formula uses earnings to calculate the intrinsic value of a stock.

A spreadsheet based on calculating the "net net" value of a stock.

Shows you how much a stock is worth if it were to be liquidated.

Created by Professor Altman to predict bankruptcy of a company. It uses four or five common business ratios, weighted by coefficients to come up with the final risk score.

One of the most popular spreadsheets.

A quality score based on 9 accounting principles to determine the quality of a business.

Beneish created this score to detect earnings manipulation.

Discover what to look for to detect manipulation by using this spreadsheet.

A Google Docs version of a stock tracking portfolio.

The best free version you will come across. Enter your transaction stats to generate returns, charts and more.

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Compare competitors side by side quickly with free data sources.

Professor Damodaran is an NYU professor and the authority when it comes to valuation.

He provides a page full of spreadsheets to download and use for free.

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From investing to personal finance and math, this page is full of spreadsheets that you can play with.

All spreadsheets include VBA code. Great way to learn and code your own spreadsheets.

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